Kaveri Trail Marathon


Saturday, 25th November 2017- Half marathon and Marathon

Sunday, 26th November 2017 – 10K

Registrations are now open. Click here to register.

Registration for this race entitles you to the following –

1) Bragging rights
2) A timing tag
3) A finisher medal
4) An online certificate for digital proof of your conquests
5) A post-race meal
6) Race Transport (additional cost)
7) Race T-shirt (additional cost)



Route map for 10K

The race will begin and end outside Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary.


Route map for Half marathon and Marathon

Ozone Resort, Srirangapatna is our base and the race start point.


Elevation profile

 Elevation profile for 10K Route

KTM 10k ele prof


Elevation profile for Half Marathon and Marathon Route

KTM HF&FM ele prof



Winners, runners-up and third place finishers will get the top honours in their respective categories.

Men’s Open

Includes all ages

Men’s Senior

45 years to 59 years of age as on race day

Men’s Veteran

60 years of age and above as on race day

Women’s Open

Includes all ages

Women’s Senior

45 years to 59 years of age as on race day

Women’s Veteran

60 years of age and above as on race day



Winner details-


Category- 10K
Men’s open Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Narendra D 1637 38m 35s
1st Runner up Tanuj Kumar 4214 39m 28s
2nd Runner up Ankoor Solanki 1478 42m 15s

Category- 10K

Men’s Senior Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Ashok Vittal 2029 51m 2s
1st Runner up Arupenda Gupta 2067 53m 14s
2nd Runner up Muralidhara Padigaru 2076 53m 24s

Category- 10K

Men’s veteran Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Gopal Nagendra 2508 1h 4m 23s
1st Runner up Venkataraman Krishnan 2502 1h 8m 37s
2nd Runner up Ramakrishna BBB 2506 1h 12m 18s

Category- 10K

Women’s open Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Shalini Patel 3108 57m 40s
1st Runner up Shweta Maurya 3200 58m 1s
2nd Runner up Ganavi H J 3209 1h 0m 44s

Category- 10K

Women’s senior Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Latika Roy 4005 1h 4m 28s
1st Runner up Uma Ravishankar 4206 1h 9m 43s
2nd Runner up Vedapati Udupa 4012 1h 11m 37s

Category- 10K

Women’s veteran Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Sharada Venkataraman 4502 1h 10m 10s
1st Runner up Raji Srikant 4506 1h 14m 57s
2nd Runner up Sandhya Rao 4501 1h 40m 29s

Category- Marathon

Men’s open Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Athreya Chidambi 187 3h 5m 11s
1st Runner up Dharmendra D 190 3h 17m 29s
2nd Runner up Behnam Kamrani 182 3h 25m 44s


Category- Marathon
Men’s Senior Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Pankaj Rai 233 4h 27m 42s
1st Runner up Rishikesh Babu 230 4h 29m 35s
2nd Runner up Raviraj Uchil 213 4h 44m 39s

Category- Marathon

Men’s Veteran Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Jagannath Raju 301 5h 48m 39s

Category- Marathon

Women’s open Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Shilpi Sahu 602 4h 13m 2s
1st Runner up Poornima Krishnappa 607 5h 17m 45s
2nd Runner up Aparajitha Kavanoori 601 5h 45m 42s

Category- Half marathon

Men’s open Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Naveen KN 5506 1h 21m 22s
1st Runner up Mahesh Londhe 5004 1h 23m 28s
2nd Runner up Sunder Chhetri 6131 1h 29m 12s

Category- Half marathon

Men’s senior Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Sunder Chhetri 6131 1h 29m 12s
1st Runner up Ajit Thandur 6129 1h 43m 34s
2nd Runner up Pradeep Narasimhan 6023 1h 44m 56s

Category- Half marathon

Men’s veteran Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Srikanth Pandit 6505 2h 54m
1st Runner up Janardhan BR 6501 3h 14m 35s
2nd Runner up Ramesh Basaralu 6507 3h 30m 8s

Category- Half marathon

Women’s open Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Camilla Porling 7108 1h 44m 19s
1st Runner up Pragna Prasad 7013 1h 49m 31s
2nd Runner up Rajalakshmi Swaminathan 7003 2h 5m 56s

Category- Half marathon

Women’s senior Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Archana Jayade 8013 2h 6m 15s
1st Runner up Anjali Chalisgoankar 8018 2h 13m 38s
2nd Runner up Pushpa Rao 8003 2h 18m 16s

Category- Half marathon

Women’s veteran Name Bib No Finish time
Winner Sandhya Rao 8501 3h 7m 27s


General Questions

Q. What are the various modes for fee payment?

A. When registering online you will have to pay by credit card or debit card. If you are paying offline, you have the option of paying by cheque or demand draft.  Demand drafts and cheques are to be addressed to “TFL CONTINUOUS LEARNING PVT LTD”.

Address : Runners for Life, No. 6 & 13, Accord Road, Krishna Reddy Layout, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071.

Q. What is the last date for registrations?

A. Registrations for all categories will close once all the slots have been filled. No one will be permitted to register on the day of the race. Entries that have not been received by the closing date will not be considered.

Q. What is the last date for change in category?

A. The last day to change your category is 6th Nov, 2017.

Q. I have sent the cheque to the address mentioned by you. When will I get my confirmation mail?

A. If you are a resident of Bangalore, you will receive the mail within 3 working days from the date on which we receive the cheque. If you are an outstation participant, you should receive it within 7 working days. However this depends upon when we receive the cheque at our office. If you have not received the confirmation mail a week from the day you sent it, please drop us a mail at kaveritrailmarathon@runnersforlife.com.

Q. Will I be able to cancel my registration and get a refund once my application has been accepted?

A. We do not accept refunds or cancellation requests on race categories. Refunds are applicable on race t-shirt & transportation only. A processing fee of INR 100/- will be charged on each item you choose to cancel.

Q. I have not received my registration confirmation mail.

A. The confirmation mail is a computer generated mail sent to all participants upon payment of registration fee. If you have not received it, mail us at kaveritrailmarathon@runnersforlife.com with as many details of your registration (e.g date, payment details, mode of registration, order number) and we will send you a copy of the confirmation mail.

Q. My registration is pending. How do I get it confirmed?

A. All pending registrations will get confirmed only upon realization of registration fee. If you have not yet paid up, kindly do so on or before the registration deadline failing which your registration to the event will be automatically cancelled.

 Q. I missed the last date to register. Can I register if you still have a vacant slot?

A. Historically, all our races get booked out before the last date of registration. So it’s highly unlikely that we may have a slot left. But we hate to dampen your spirits. Do send us a mail at kaveritrailmarathon@runnersforlife.com. If there are any slots, we will mail you back on the same.

Q. Can I register under more than one category?

A. Yes, since the Half Marathon and Marathon are on Saturday 25th November, and the 10km on Sunday 26th November, you may register for one event on each day. 

 Q. Will I be permitted to transfer my registration to a friend?

A. We are sorry to say that no transfers will be permitted.

Q. Is pacing allowed?

A. Yes. We realize runners are constantly trying to improve their own timings, hence we support pacers to help you set your own pace. However, make sure to acquire pacer bibs for those who are with you on the trail. Pacer bibs will be available online, at the racer-kit distribution venue and at the help desk on the race-day.

Q. Is it mandatory to have pacer bibs?

A. Yes!  We encourage you to acquire pacer bibs for those accompanying you on the trail. The bibs are a must to avail of our support facilities such as food, first aid station etc. and to distinguish the runner from the pacer.

Q. Will I be able to register on the day of the event?

A. No registrations will be permitted on the day of the race.

Q. Will I be permitted to register for a friend?

A. You will not be permitted to register for a friend as every participant will be required to sign their own disclaimer.

 Q. On what grounds can my entry be declined?

A. There are a number of reasons that may result in your entry being declined:

  • A credit card transaction that is not accepted when registering online
  • More than one category option for one form is selected on the entry form
  • An invalid cheque or demand draft is issued

 Q. If I am accompanied by a family member/friend, can they avail of food at the event?

A. Yes. Food coupons will be available for purchase at the RFL stall on race day. Visit our helpdesk to buy the extra coupons.

Racer-kit Collection

Q. How and when do I collect my racer-kit?

A. A mail on racer-kit collection containing all necessary information will be sent to you, 2 weeks before race-day. We request you to read the mail and follow the instructions mentioned in it

Q. I have not received the mail on racer-kit collection. What do I do now?

A. No sweat. Drop in a mail to kaveritrailmarathon@runnersforlife.com and we shall send you the mail.

 Q. Can someone collect my racer-kit on my behalf?

A. Yes. You can authorize your friend/relative to collect your racer kit. Kindly send across an authorization email along with your confirmation mail which you would have received at the time of registration. Please instruct them to show the authorization email on their phone and not by printouts so as to save paper.

Q. What will my racer-kit contain?

A. The race kit will contain:

  • Your running Bib
  • Safety pins
  • Timing chip
  • Brunch coupons
  • T-shirt (If paid for)
  • Bus ticket (If paid for)

 Q. Can I collect my racer-kit on race-day?

A. No. We will not distribute racer-kits on race-day. This applies to all participants – Bangalore & out-station participants.

Only outstation runners are allowed to pick up their racer kits on the morning of the race.

 Q. Is it necessary to collect my race-kit to take part in the event?

A. Yes, it is. Your racer-kit will contain essentials without which running this race will not be possible.


Race Day

Q. By what time should I reach the venue?

A. Kindly reach the venue an hour before the start of your race. This is important as instructions pertaining to the event will be announced during this time. Also, you will get an opportunity to interact with runners from across the globe. You don’t want to miss this part. Trust us!

 Q. I have reached the venue. What do I do now?

A. Regular announcements will be made at the start venue. Kindly keep your ears peeled for the same.

 Q. I have registered for 10K. If I feel good after I finish, can I run more?

A. Yes, you can. But remember, if you register for a particular race category, your timings and race-day certificates will reflect data only for the category you have registered.

Q. Is it mandatory to wear the timing chip?

A. Yes. All participants must wear the timing chip before they start their race and must keep it on them till they cross the finish line. The chip tracks your race timing and we don’t have manual timings. If you don’t wear one, you will not
•   Get your timings
•   Be eligible for prizes
•   Receive the finisher certificate.
Do wear yours!

 Q. Can I be accompanied by a family member(s)/friend(s) to your event?

A. Yes and we encourage it.  It is always a wonderful feeling to have someone cheering for you on-route or waiting for you at finish line. Do instruct them not to obstruct the passage of runners on route/at the finish line

Q. You have a very unique rule to determine winners. Can you explain the rule?

A. Oh yeah! We do have one. Here’s how it works
We have three categories – Open, Senior and Veteran.
3 winners for both male and female – Winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up

1. Open category includes all runners who take part in the race – Every single runner for that distance, the only difference being the gender.
2. Senior is a category within the Open category. To be part of this sub category, a runner has to be between 45 to 59 years in age on the day of the race.
3. Veteran is a category within the Open category. To be part of this sub category, a runner has to be 60 years or above in age on the day of the race.

 Q. Is it necessary to take part in the event wearing the official event t-shirt?

A. No. But it would be wonderful if you could run in it. But hey, if you are someone who won’t try anything new on race-day, we strongly recommend that you stick to your plan.

 Q. I forgot to buy the race-day t-shirt at the time of registration. Can I buy it on race-day?

A. Yes. You can buy it on race-day. However, this is subject to the availability of t-shirts. Drop in at the Helpdesk to buy the race-day t-shirt.

 Q. Is there any prize money for winners?

A. No. There is no prize money for winners. All winners will receive a winner medal, and a certificate to commemorate their achievement.

 Q. Will I receive a finisher medal?

A. Yes. All finishers will receive a finisher medal as soon as they finish.

 Q. Where I can find my timings?

A. Timings will be uploaded 4 days after the event. We will also send out a mail on this. Kindly check your inbox for this.

 Q. When will I get my finisher certificate?

A. All finishers will receive a finisher e-certificate which will indicate their timing. This will be available for download a few days after the event. We will not distribute a hard copy of your certificate.

 Q. I cannot find my race-day timings. What do I do?

A. Mail us at kaveritrailmarathon@runnersforlife.com and we will look into the issue.

 Q. Till what time will the course remains opens or is there a cut off time for your race?

A. Yes. We do have a cutoff time for all our races.

  • 10K: 3 hours & 30 Minutes.
  • Half Marathon & Marathon: 7 hours

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