Kaveri Trail Marathon

Interview With KTM 2014 10K Winner – Thanuj Kumar

May 20, 2015

Thanuj at KTM

Thanuj Kumar from Mysore has been running with us for over the past 2 years. In 2014, not only did he participate in his first trail run at the Kaveri Trail Marathon, he secured 1st place in the 10k race. Read on to know Thanuj’s running secrets. .

Q.1 For your trail training, what made you choose the Kaveri Trail Marathon?

It’s mainly because of three reasons, Firstly, it’s the month in which the race is organized, September. This month brings along with it a season of lush greenery and sunlight that makes the route look so gorgeous. Second, it is the trail itself. One may think the route being a trail one will be easier to run on but the KTM trail is a whole lot tougher than what one  thinks it to be. The challenge of the trail is what makes me so enamoured by it. Third of all, it’s the organizers and the enthusiastic participants that make this event so memorable.


Q.2 What was your training and nutrition regimen like?

My training involved 2 days of easy/ tempo runs, one day of long running and 2 days of sprints. I prepped myself with an occasional workout in the gym,. I am a vegetarian. I sometimes eat 2 eggs a week. Besides this, I really don’t follow any special nutrition plan. ‘Eat natural’ is my mantra.


Q.3 How did you celebrate your win?

I lifted both my arms wide open and crossed the finish line. After catching my breath and heaving a sigh of relief, I went back to pace other runners to boost them up towards the finish line.


Q.4 Your first love, Road or Trail?

It’s neither, actually. My first love is track. I have been a middle distance runner since my school days and on any given day I would choose track racing. Next comes trail running as it gets you closer to nature that stimulates energy to help you go the distance.


Q.5 What’s your advice for people who not only will be running their first 10k but also for their first time on a trail such as Kaveri Trail Marathon?

I would say do not push yourself and simply enjoy the run. Concentrate on completing the race. That’s all. Relax, post the run and click many photographs. The KTM is a wonderful trail to run on. You can really just have a good run keeping your timings and personal bests out of the way. Run taking in the nature that the route has to offer. Post that you can take home the memories and I can assure you, you will want to come back again and again


Thanuj at prize distribution


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