Kaveri Trail Marathon

The brand spankin’ new KTM website!

September 21, 2013

You know that feeling on the morning of hill training. Or if you are like me, speed workouts.

You know that dreaded morning is here.

You know that this is an area of weakness.

You know that it is absolutely essential for you.

You know that it does you good, very tangential good, in the short term.

You know that it feels seriously righteous and powerful afterwards.


And yet, you hit that alarm twice more than normal and keep pushing the inevitable – even if it just means your workout starts a few minutes later than normal.

Our websites are like that for us. :) Yeah! That was an elaborate wind-through!

We know that the thing outdates some Triceratops from the Triassic period. But we were just too “Let’s look at it next year”. Guess what. It finally happened.


Finally, our awesome new website is out. Finally, finally, a website that does justice to the beauty of the Kaveri trail!

Going back to the beginning…

We had a (yawwwnnn) website.

Along came Rahul & Shalini. Rahul is a footballer, cyclist and general sports person. And after making the KTM website, he got so excited, he ran the 10k! Shalini is his sister and website designer, who completely got the spirit of KTM and has managed to seamlessly translate it onto the website!

The new website reflects the colours of KTM, the vibrant energy, the beauty, while blending in the simplicity of it.

The website got done on war footing, in the middle of countless meetings on race ops, permissions from government officials, and calls to book buses.

Why on war footing, you ask? Because it is Nishant’s (KTM’s Race Director) and A2’s belief that an awesome marathon deserves an awesome website.

Here’s to lots of awesomeness in the future!

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