Kaveri Trail Marathon

10 Reasons You Should Start Trail Running

May 6, 2015

As running gains popularity in India, runners, both veteran and beginners are exploring newer and diverse routes to arrive at an optimum intersection of a run and adventure.

The route of the Kaveri Trail Marathon extends alongside the river Kaveri  through splendid views of trees and paddy fields. This trail, though cited as a tough course to run on, offers tranquillity and a gush of nature in every direction.

So what makes running on a  course like the Kaveri trail so alluring?

Here are 10 reasons we could think of :

10. Running on trails gives you cleaner air to breathe

9. On a trail, you enjoy freedom from the sound of traffic

8. Wouldn’t it be more fun to rest by a tree-side than on the road-side pavement?

7. Trails offer more challenges such as higher elevation and hills

6. Running on trails works out more muscles thereby strengthening you more

5. You will be able to focus on yourself better rather than focusing on dodging the next person you are likely to bump into on the street

4. It’s cooler to run among trees than it is to run among buildings

3. Trail running is easier on the knee than on tarred roads

2. Trails cannot bore you

1. Why else but the Kaveri Trail Marathon?

What are your reasons to run the KTM? Let us know.



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